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Essential Endodontics Aledo

Aledo, TX


Dr. Lee Fulsaas, Board Certified Endodontist

Welcome to Essential Endodontics Aledo

  We are excited to announce that Dr. Lee Fulsaas and the team at Aledo Endodontics will be joining Essential Endodontics effective immediately.

Aledo Endodontics will begin practicing under Essential Endodontics and we will be consolidating our Willow Park office located at 136 El Chico Trail, Ste 101 Willow Park, TX 76087 and we will be seeing all of your patients at the Aledo practice located at 108 S Ranch House Road, Ste. 1200 Aledo, TX 76008 in January 2023. Essential Endodontics will now maintain the patient records for Aledo Endodontics and will be the custodian of records.

       Here are some of the highlights that will benefit your practice and your patients:

  • Dr. Fulsaas and Dr. Shin will provide endodontic care to patients

  • The Aledo office will have expanded hours of operation and we will see patients M-Th

  • We will install CBCT imaging to aid in endodontic diagnosis and treatment

  • We will now have in-network providers for Delta Dental to increase access for your patients

  • We will be in-network with the Careington insurance umbrella and will provide your office with the list of insurances we will be contracted with

  • Emergency time slots will be available for patients daily

  • Friday appointment slots will be available in our network of endodontic offices

  • We will retain the Aledo Endodontics phone number for communication with prior patients

  • We have retained the backbone to Aledo Endodontics, with Hallie in the front office and Kassye as the lead assistant, to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain the relationships that Aledo Endodontics had established with many of your offices over the years

Our Mission - Painless Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Lee Fulsaas served in the United States Air Force for 21 years where the mission is to fly, fight and air, space and cyberspace.

As a board certified endodontist with military roots, he decided the Aledo Endodontics mission is to identify, treat, and restore natural teeth through endodontic therapy in Aledo, Parker County, and beyond.
Simply put, we are here to relieve your tooth discomfort and put you at ease.

We aim to serve dental clinics and patients in Weatherford, Granbury, Mineral Wells, Stephenville, Breckenridge, Graham, Wichita Falls, Springtown, Decatur, Bowie, Fort Worth, and all the small towns in between.  Patients needing root canals, root canal retreatments, apicoectomies, non-vital bleaching, root amputations, hemisections, bicuspidization, tooth trauma treatment, and re-implantation of avulsed teeth now have a board certified endodontist available without going into Fort Worth or Dallas.   Dr. Fulsaas is easy to understand, strongly emphasizes patient education, and completely answers patient questions to ensure each patient feels at ease with their decision for treatment and the procedure itself.  

Treatment at Essential Endodontics Aledo is nothing like the root canals of yesteryear! 

Request a consult with Dr. Fulsaas to determine if your natural tooth can be saved!